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What do you know about e cigs review (electronic cigarettes reviews)? There was a time when smoking was really cool. If you were an adult and didn’t puff from time to time, then you were one of the peculiar individuals. That was more than half a century ago when people didn’t know just how dangerous cigarettes were. Today there are better ways of getting your daily dose of nicotine. One method in particular that has become extremely popular in the UK is vaping which simply refers to smoking these cigars.

With every passing day, scores of people from across the country are making the shift from traditional cigarettes to e cigs. The big question here is what you are waiting for to make the switch. Vaping is almost entirely risk free because e-cigs do not combust and, therefore, no carcinogens are produced as is the case with traditional cigarettes. E cig reviews attest to that.


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Cloud Cig – Electronic Cigarettes

Cloud Cig -We know that when it comes to electronic cigarettes refills, there are different products on the market. This is great news because it means that whatever you are looking for there will be something to suit you and your needs. Let’s take a look at Cloud Cig… Read More


Green Smoke

Green Smoke – it’s a business that’s existed for some time and has a particular standing; something which you could have seen if you was reading other e-cigarette reviews. With the number of vapor and also the throat hit (with the most suitable nicotine level), we were more than fulfilled by the smoking experience and we were in secret always looking for the handy Green Smoke cig, when we found ourselves reviewing other brands.

Overall, an extremely pleasurable experience!


V2 Cigs

The costs for V2 Cigs aren’t bad, plus it definitely looks the part! Along with this, we just felt a bit foolish when we were smoking it, although we value the additional battery life and the longer battery the brand supplies is too long to make use of whenever you’re out and around.


South Beach Smoke

South Beach Smoke – With further investigation, we believed this product simply wasn’t enough for us. Everything looked just a little too funny for our liking – the guarantee that simply works using a home delivery program of cartridges, etc. Overall, a fairly typical matter.


White Cloud

Overall, White Cloud are a great business but the cost they charge isn’t worth the vapor which was created. An adequate number of flavors may impress you but with higher costs than some companies, no manual battery option plus a battery that definitely doesn’t last as long as the business guarantees, you don’t have the very best of e-cigarette reviews. A measly two stars is all we believed White Cloud deserved this time – sorry guys!


Vapor Couture

It wouldn’t be honest to consider the larger companies to compose our e cigarette reviews and never mention Vapor Couture; the femaleorientated e-cig brand that’s owned by V2 Cigs yet isn’t compatible with some of their goods. A deficiency luster flavor, poor throat hit and vapor, plus a fairly significant price tag certainly didn’t see things picking up. Even though there’s an extensive and diverse selection of accessories, and the e-cig itself does look quite pretty, it only wasn’t worth it for us. Sorry guys!



You may enjoy Njoy but we certainly didn’t. The plus points include Vapor and great throat hit and quite a decent tobacco flavor but the poor points far outweigh these pros. It was only all too disappointing for all of us. Sorry Njoy!

As hinted, the UK artificial cigar market has been growing over the years as more and more people come to terms with the dangers of smoking. Due to this, many artificial cigarette manufacturers have come up with each trying to capture as many customers as possible. You might think that this is a good thing because it means that you have numerous options. However, that is not necessarily the case.

There are many electronic cigarette manufacturers out there who may only be interested in making money with little or no regard for quality. Our company is nowhere near that category. We have been in the electric cigarette market for years, we have stellar e cigarettes review, and we have satisfied scores of customers.

If you want to ascertain that we are indeed a reputable brand, just go through various electronic cigarette reviews UK. You are guaranteed to find very positive remarks about our products from individuals who have actually used them.

Understand that there are many individuals out there who are paid to write positive e cigars reviews for various companies. Their job is to convince customers to purchase a particular brand of product without really taking the time to test it.

We are not in the job of paying bloggers and website owners to write wonderful e cigarettes reviews just so that we can drive sales. The only reason why we have managed to remain popular in the e cig market is because we are very keen on quality. We believe that every customer deserves an e cig kit that meets the highest standards of quality.

There are many customers out there who have made decisions based on an exaggerated electronic cigarette review UK they read somewhere on the internet. It is only after making a purchase that they realize they have been duped. They rudely find out that just because an e cig review claimed a certain product to be the best doesn’t mean it is.

We have among the best electronic cigarettes review online. Our promise to you is that you will not live to regret buying any product from us. We fully understand the electric cigarette business. Forget about nonsensical electronic cigarette UK reviews that are only aimed at netting customers. Our company only promises what it can deliver, and we promise you the very best of these cigarettes on the market today.

Rest assured that this is not another fake e cigarette review. Our track record speaks for itself. We have no interest in paying people to lie on our behalf. It’s not just that we have the best electronic cigarette review (e cigs reviews), our quality speaks for itself.

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